Start Your Weekend At

Dan Murphy's


Get more millennials and gen Z customers to swing by Dan’s to stock up for their weekend.


START YOUR WEEKEND AT DAN’s was our solve; to get our audience to shop on the weekday, ahead of the weekend. The concept was all about showing ease – collecting drinks, collecting friends and collecting good times. Using a simple, socially-native swipe device we follow our talent as they flick from home to store to enjoyment. Just. Like. That.

Shot across multiple locations with a mix of street cast and agency talent, we created snappy 15” and 6” paid and organic edits and breezy photographs focusing on afternoon hangs, weekend getaways, and after dinner D&Ms. Ads that feel less like an ad, and more like everyday content you actually want to watch.


Concept // Strategy // Messaging & Copywriting // Art Direction // Production // Photography // Cinematography // Editing & Post Production

Nobody beats Dan’s for Weekend Drinks.