The Joy of Colour



Picture this: it’s a post-COVID world and brands are wondering, “where to now?”. Sephora knocked on our door to help them find a way to put beauty back on the agenda. To inspire its customers to get out of their home clothes and into something new.


Enter: THE JOY OF COLOUR. Founded on the insight and trend of “joyspotting”, we created a campaign that celebrates the energy you can get from discovering and experimenting with beauty, especially when it comes loaded with colour. Shot in studio against punchy painted backdrops, we captured before and afters of our talent as they moved from everyday makeup to unexpected makeup. A true joy.


Concept // Strategy // Messaging & Copywriting // Art Direction // Production // Casting // Styling // Photography // Cinematography // Post Production

Social Content


The humble how-to got a glow-up with these snappy stories. From the perfect dab of blush to the graphic eyeliner,
we showed Sephora customers the steps to perfect their new look.

In the Wild


Busting out the colour at Sephora stores all around south-east Asia. Pretttyyyy.