16 Days of Activism Campaign



Gender equality is not often considered a man’s problem. But Wellsprings, a not-for-profit organisation for women in Victoria, wanted to change all that. With its past campaigns not hitting the mark on audience engagement, Wellsprings asked for our help to send this powerful message out there in a much more creative way.

As part of the United Nations 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we were tasked with creating a simple campaign targeted at young men in Victoria. The message? Gender equality is your problem too.


BEING A MAN… was our creative wrapper. It was our launchpad to elevate male community leaders and their perspectives on masculinity. Working with these incredible humans, we got into the detail about what this audience can do to make change while they shared their own unique stories. From the back of buses to paid social and rock posters, it’s a campaign that sits close to our collective heart.


Concept // Strategy // Messaging & Copywriting // Production // Styling // Editing & Post Production // OOH Delivery

“Being a man is about being vulnerable”